Fusor Final Assembly


Electrical FeedThru

The low voltage feedthru is on the left and in place. The HV feedthru will connect thru the center port.

Low Voltage FeedThru

The low voltage feedthru will be connected to the outer grid and operate at ground potential. A second feedthru is available for future use to power an ion generator.


High Voltage Feed Thru

The high voltage feedthru is connected to the center grid and will operate up to about -30 kVdc

Hemisphere with Feedthrus

Here we can see the two electric feedthrus installed as well as a viewport and the discharge valve.


Hemispheres with Grids

Picture shows both inner and outer grids installed. On the lower left the connectoion between the LV feedthru and outer grid can be seen.

QA Approval

The Supervisor was called in to approve the installation of the inner and outer grids prior to final assembly.


Grid Installation

Close up view of the Grid installation. On the lower left and right the ceramic standoffs that isolate the outer grid from the chamber are obseved. Four views of the final assembly follow.

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