Arrow Inlay Processing

Winter 2022

Mitre Sawing of the Chevrons

The Routed Strips were mitred to produce the Chevrons used to create the Arrow Inlays.

A fixture was built for the Mitre Saw which utilized a UHMW Strip with the bead shape routed along an edge.

This allowed the cedar strips to be slid into the fixture and rapidly create the Chevrons.

Ready for Glue

The Chevrons ere made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Light) and Menards Cedar Decking (Dark).

1-1/4" Wide boards were Ripped from 5/4 X 6" Menards Cedar Decking.

The boards were turned 90 Deg and (3) 1/4" X 1-1/4" Strips were ripped from them.

The Strips then had the Cove and Bead Routed on them.


Arrow Tail Feathers

Over (100) Dark Cedar Chevrons were required for the Arrow Inlays.

They were all produced at once with the Mitre Saw to insure uniformity.

Here the Tails have been Glued Up.

Arrow Inlay Pre-Assembly


Arrow Inlays Glued Up

Arrow Inlay / Final Product

The Arrow Inlays will be located on 2 Rows during Stripping.


Arrow Inlay / Final Product

Mitred Alaskan Yellow Cedar Strips will make up the space between the Inlays.

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