Transom Construction

Winter 2023

Marine Plywood for Transom & Quarter Knees

Two pieces of 3/4 inch Marine Plywood are glued together to create the 1-1/2" stock for the Transom & Quarter Knees.

Transom Layout

Transom layout is traced onto stock


Quater Knees Layout

Quarter Kners are traced from Templates

Transom Mitre Cuts Complete

Mitre cuts complete. Curved surfaces to be cut with band saw.


Transom - Front Side - Prepared for Glass

After sanding and rounding corners with Router, Fiberglass cloth is prepared - Near Photo

Fiberglass cloth is wet-out with epoxy - Far Photo

Note top curved edge also covered in glass

Four layers of epoxy required for coverage

Transom - Back Side

Fiberglass cloth wet out with Epoxy followed by 3 more layers of epoxy.


Transom - Top Edge

Six layers of epoxy required to cover top edge

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