Quarter Knee Construction

Winter 2023

Quarter Knee Templates

Extra 1-1/2" stock from the Transom used for Quarter Knees.

As seen here the space is tight for the Templates.

If one flips the wood over there is more space due to the bevel angle.

Quarter Knees Layout

Quater Knee layout is traced onto inverted stock.


Quater Knees Cut-Out

Bevelled edges cut on Radial Arm Saw.

Note numbers indicating proper order so that fence can be used against vertical surface.

Curved surfaces cut with band saw.

3/8" Radius cut on curved edges with Router.

Ready For Glass

Fiberglass cut to overlap top and curved edge.

No glass on mitre / bevel edge.

Bevelled edges will be epoxied directly to sides / transom.


Glass Wet Out

Fiberglass cloth is wet-out with epoxy.

Four layers of epoxy required for coverage.

After cure, excess fiberglass trimmed with knife and edges sanded.

Quarter Knees - Bottom Side / Stem

Fiberglass cloth ready for wet-out on bottom side of Quarterknees and stem.


More Glass Wet-Out

Fiberglass Cloth Wet-Out with Epoxy on Stem and Bottom of Quarter Knees.


Building up layers of Epoxy on Stem.


Quarter Knees and Decks

Building up layers of Epoxy on Quarter Knees and Decks.

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