Center Frame & Rib Construction

Winter 2023

Center Frame Template

Center Frame assembled on a Template.

Ribs and Frame constucted from 13/16" X 1-1/2" White Ash.

Ends were rounded and exposed edges were radiused.

Gussets 3/8" Marine Plywood.

Center Frame Assembly

Assembly with Titebond 3 glue & Brad Nails


Center Frame

Complete and ready for Sanding followed by Glass & Epoxy.

Gusset Glass

Gussets were layed-up in glass and wet out in epxoy


Center Frame Glass

Center Frame layed-up in glass and wet-out in epoxy

Four layers of epoxy required for coverage.


Ribs were manufactured from 13/16" Thick X 1-1/2" Wide White Ash from Owl Lumber.

Curve was cut from a template and edges routed with 1/4" radius bit.

Ribs then mounted to spacers on a cardboard backing and layed-up in glass and epoxy.

They were subsequently sanded and prepared for mounting on the Side Panels.


Skegs layed-up in Glass

The Skeg mounts in the Keel at the Stern of the boat to help keep it running straight.

Here the Skegs are shown layed-up in Fiberglass Cloth and wet-out with epoxy.

Again, required (4) coats and 72 hour cure.

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