SISG PCB Pictures


This is the SISG4 PCB board. Plain board in the foreground and assembled version in the background. It has (4) 900 volt SISG circuits on it. One board is thus rated at 3600 volts. The heat sinks are 2-1/2" tall. The (12) Sidacs(4 groups of 3) are in the foreground with parallel 1 megaohm resistors in front of them. The high current TVS is located to the right of each group of Sidacs.

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Here is a top view of the same boards. I have extra boards if anyone would like to try them. I also bulk ordered IGBT's and may have some of these as well.

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Here is the IGBT mounted to the heat sink. A 7/64" hole was drilled 1-5/16 from the bottom of the heat sink to mount the clip. The hole was tapped #6-32 and a #6-32 X 1/4" screw with lockwasher was use to attach the clip to the heat sink. On the rear view you can clearly see that the mounting hole is well above the factory drilled hole. Don't forget the heat sink grease. I mounted the IGBT's to the heat sinks with the screws finger tight and then inserted heat sink and IGBT into the board for soldering all as one. After soldering, I tightened the screw to lock the IGBT against the heat sink.

Here is a view of any array of (5) boards. Threshold voltage 18000 volts. The view below is the same array from a different angle.

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