SISG Tesla Coil Waveforms
June 24, 2006


This is a coarse look at the SISG Waveform. These were recorded during initial testing before I increased the transformer impedence. Note that the SISG fires at between 800 and 1200 uS. This is a break rate of between 800 and 1200 BPS. Also, note that the SiSG appears to skip a firing about every 8th firing. This needs more investigation to determine if it is systematic or random as well as cause. The time range per horizontal division is shown in the center at the bottom of each distribution.

2 3

Theses waveforms provide a finer look at the SISG operation. First notch is clearly around 40 us after firing. Second notch around 80 to 90 uS. Full decay is predicted ot be at aboput 180 uS, but the waveforms are not clear enough to confirm it. Cycle period is 5.6 uS which corresponds to a resonant frequency of 178 kHz.

5 6

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