Plasma Globes


Plasma Blue

The Plasma Blue effect is created by filling the plasma globe with a mixture of Neon and Xenon noble gases and lowering the pressure in the plasma globe to approximately −20 in Hg. If one places a fluorescent light bulb near the plasma globe it will light up as a result of the RF being emitted from the device. This globe gives nice views at 11 kHz. If you like our globes and would like one for you own email us at: mdunn <at> teslaboys <dot> com

Pure Argon Globes

Pure Krypton Globes

Pure Xenon Globes

Plasma Green

The Plasma Green effect is created in a similar manner, but uses a mixutre of Neon, Xenon, and Krypton noble gases. Best frequency for this globe is 8 kHz.

Krypton-Xenon Globes

Xenon-Neon Globes

More Plasma Globes


Plasma Red

Here is a nearly pure neon globe. It likes 16 kHz for its best look.

Pure Neon Globes

Hand Effect

By placing one's hand in the vicinity of the globe, streamers trace toward the hand. You can see the outline of the hand in Red on the top of the globe as the concentration of electrical energy lights up the Neon gas. The body acts as a conductor to allow the current to flow from the Globe to ground. This effect is best created at higher frequencies. For this globe near 30 kHz.


Moving Hand Effect

If one places a finger on the globe and then slides it a single streamer can be pulled from the electrode and then caused to wave. In this case we placed a finger on top of the glode and then slid it left and down the surface of the globe.

Another view.


Plasma Globe

The globe is 12 inches in diameter with a glass electrode up the middle. The glass electrode has a conductive paint on the inside diameter(not in contact with the noble gas) We obtained a few of these from a junk dealer who believed they were used in an old Frankenstein movie. The seals were broken requiring much effort to repair the glass, clean the globe, fill with gas, and re-seal. We placed brass wool into the electrode and then inserted our HV wire through the electrode throat and into contact with the brass wool.

Plasma Globe High Voltage Power Supply

Our HV supplies are built from TV flyback transformers operating at resonance. Typically we produce 18−25 KV at 22−27 kHz. We have constructed power supplies from old TV flyback's(pre 1968) and also found a way to utilize more recent TV flybacks by bypassing the output diodes.

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